Senior Accountant

GMP Global Marketing, Inc. specializes in the distribution and import/export of nutritional supplements, such as multi-vitamins, calcium and omega-3 fish oils, with the sale and distribution carried out through both conventional and e-commerce platform. Due to the fast growth of our business, we are in immediate need of professional services of a Senior Accountant. The Senior Accountant will be responsible for the following duties:


  • Prepare, examine, and analyze financial statements and accounting records for accuracy, completeness and compliance with laws, regulations, and accounting standards;
  • Audit account books and systems periodically for efficiency and compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP);
  • Organize and maintain other financial records including month end accounts, bank reconciliation and internal control of assets;
  • Implement and sustain an effective internal control environment around financial activity and reporting; maintain and examine business documents and government records for accuracy and compliance;
  • Responsible for timely and compliant tax preparation and payment; Manage accounts payable and accounts receivable functions; Establish tables of accounts and assign entries to proper accounts;
  • Collate supplier invoices into weekly and monthly payment runs; Ensure all supplier bills are appropriately authorized for payment, and process payments while managing cash flow;
  • Create weekly, monthly, and quarterly financial account summary report in order for Supervisor to make cash flow decisions;
  • Assess financial operations to suggest ways to reduce costs, enhance revenues, improve profitability, forecast cash flow positions, financial statement and making budget plans;
  • Compute taxes owed and prepare tax returns, ensuring compliance with payment, reporting or other tax requirements;
  • Develop, implement, modify and document recordkeeping and accounting systems for efficiency, compliance, and making use of current computer technology;
  • Advise the Company in areas such as employee compensation, health care benefits, choose of accounting or data processing systems, and long-range tax plans;

Minimum Requirements:

  • Master’s degree in Business Administration, Accounting, or a closely related field;
  • At least one year’s experience in accounting;
  • Thorough understanding of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP);
  • Be proficient in Microsoft Excel and Intuit QuickBooks;
  • Strong organizational and multi-tasking skills with attention to detail.

Apply to GMP Global Marketing Inc., 376 Lemon Creek Dr., Suite F, Walnut, CA 91789, [email protected]