Contract Packaging

Turnkey Packaging solution

We provide an all-in-one solution that is most cost efficient from start to finish. We save time and cut production costs by providing raw materials, product label design, assembly, packaging and shipping.


Design is a key element in penetrating the market and reaching your customers. Our team of passionate and talented individuals aim to create designs that meet the needs of your target market. Prior to all final reviews and print submissions, we make sure designs meet all FDA Standards.

Quality and On Time Delivery

Quality assurance is guaranteed in every step for the product. From the external inspection to the formula inspection, to how the product is prepared and shipped out, each process is carefully monitored and reviewed. All products follow this procedure to follow an on-time schedule and delivery of finished goods.


We provide a wide variety of bottles in all shapes and sizes to meet your product count and styles. All raw materials are filled in each bottle, then sealed to ensure shelf longevity. Product labels are then attached as instructed. Finally, the expiration date for all products are stamped and ready for the market.