Project Description

Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS)

J-Bio™  Nitric Oxide (NO) is a solution to reduce toxins from your body.* Often called the “miracle molecule,” NO signals the blood vessels to open and expand, allowing them to relax so that the blood can move unrestricted. When blood is able to flow freely, it can do its job efficiently, nourishing the heart, brain, lungs, eyes, and every other organ and cell in the body. However, as adults age, the body has more difficult time producing NO, which is the reason to why one of the most important things to ensure optimal health is to have optimal nitric oxide levels. Formulated extensively from a research lab, the ingredients of this product are carefully chosen to provide maximum results and stability in the body, and promote a clean and healthier lifestyle.* It also helps to increase cardiovascular endurance, support neural function by increasing blood flow to brain tissues, promote energy and faster muscle recovery, and provide a more even flow of energy levels.*