Project Description

If you’re planning to get pregnant, are pregnant or breastfeeding, J-Bio™ Prenatal Multivitamin provides essential vitamins such as folic acid, iron and vitamin C that helps to support a healthier mother and a baby’s growth and development. During the first month of pregnancy, the baby may develop what is known as “Neural Tube Defects”. *These are birth defects of the spine, spinal cord or brain. Folic acid found in J-Bio Prenatal Multivitamin provides support in maintain the health and well-being of the baby. Calcium also helps to maintain a mother’s bone health, as the baby absorbs Iron and calcium for his or her own bone growth. Additionally, Iron is an important vitamin as well in helping to carry oxygen in both the mother and baby.* J-Bio Prenatal Multivitamin is your go-to product for all your essential needs to have a healthier head start with your baby.*